Top 5 Vodka cocktails

We've selected the 5 essential cocktails made with vodka that you'll find at our restaurant.
Vodka is a versatile spirit with a neutral flavor profile, making it an ideal base for crafting cocktails. In fact, the word “vodka” comes from the Slavic word “voda,” which means “water,” reflecting its clear and pure nature. From classic martinis to more innovative concoctions, there are countless uses of vodka in mixology. Today, we’re presenting you with 5 essential vodka-based cocktails that you’ll find at our restaurant. Are you daring enough to give them a try?
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Origins of Vodka

Origin Vodka

Vodka is a beverage that has existed for centuries, though its origins are highly debated. Some suggest it was created in Russia in the early 14th century, while others claim it was first produced in Poland in the 8th century.

What we do know is that vodka was used for medicinal purposes. It was believed to have healing properties and could be used to clean wounds and alleviate pain.

Depending on its origin, its production can vary. For instance, in Russia, vodka was traditionally made from grains like rye, wheat, and barley.

In Poland, vodka production was heavily regulated, and strict standards were applied to ensure its quality. Unlike the Russian version, Polish vodka was made from potatoes or grains and often flavored with herbs and spices like cinnamon, anise, or ginger.

Vodka gained popularity in the Western world during the 20th century thanks to its use in cocktails like the Bloody Mary or the Martini.

Vodka Cocktails at My Way

Here are the top 5 vodka cocktails you’ll find on the My Way menu. Which one is your favorite?

Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini is a tropical twist on the classic Martini. It's a blend of vodka, passion fruit juice, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. The result is a sweet and tangy drink, perfect for enjoying on a warm summer night.


Espresso Martini

For a sophisticated version of the classic martini, the Espresso Martini combines vodka with an espresso shot and coffee liqueur. It's the ideal drink for dessert.

Moscow Mule

Similarly, a Moscow Mule combines vodka with spicy ginger beer and lime juice, served in a copper mug for an extra cooling effect.


For those who prefer a sweeter cocktail, a Cosmopolitan made with vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and lime juice is the ideal refreshing option.

Sex on the beach

Sex on the Beach is a fruity cocktail made with vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice, and cranberry juice. It's typically served over ice and garnished with an orange slice.

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