Romantic dinners in barcelona

Do you want to prepare unforgettable romantic dinners? Discover My Way, a different lounge restaurant with an atmosphere in the style of the 50s.
Looking for a romantic gift to surprise your partner shouldn’t just be on specific dates like Valentine’s Day, right? There are many ways to make a special occasion like a romantic dinner match the experience of a Valentine’s gift, which can be any day and at any time. In today’s article we want to present you with some romantic ideas to help you prepare the best romantic dinner, as always, in the pure lounge style offered by My Way.

Lounge atmosphere for romantic dinners

Before reaching the critical moment of deciding on the perfect romantic gift, it is important to have an expectation of the atmosphere of the restaurant and assess its possibilities for customization. In My Way you will find different spaces and rooms where you can personalize your romantic evening in the purest style of the New York of the 50s, an authentic cosmopolitan atmosphere like Barcelona that will make you travel to the past and enjoy of the music of legendary artists such as Frank Sinatra and fragments of classic films on screen, by the hand of prestigious actors such as Gene Kelly.
main room restaurant lounge My way
The upper rooms of our lounge restaurant have an even more refined charm and you can find some works of art inspired by the 19th century art deco by the artist Tamara de Lempicka, an elegant space to have a refined and intimate touch with your partner and enjoy the spaciousness of the space offered by My Way, a few meters from the attractive Plaza Real in Barcelona.

My Way specialties for your romantic dinner

Inside our menu of the most elegant Mediterranean fusion specialties offered by our lounge restaurant, you will find delicacies to prepare a quality romantic dinner with a variety of tapas (patatas bravas, duck roll with hoisin sauce, foie shavings cured in salt…), rice dishes and individual meat or fish paellas,Italian pasta, meat at its point (ribs, entrecotes , sirloin…),fresh fish (sea bass, salmon, prawns…), homemade desserts and also popular cocktails (Sex on the Beach, Manhattan , Bloody Mary…) to give a final refreshing touch to the night.
Restaurant menu lounge
At night from 11 p.m. My Way also becomes a cocktail bar offering musical performances with its own DJ, as well as an extensive menu of signature cocktails to enjoy the liveliest musical nights in the city of Barcelona.
Without a doubt, the unique essence of the My Way lounge restaurant is an interesting proposal for a perfect romantic gift to share with the person you love and leave an indelible memory of Barcelona.
Finally, we want to thank Olivia Rose for her interesting article dedicated to Valentine’s dinners and for having included us in your list of romantic restaurants in Barcelona.

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