The history of Carrer de les Heures

Learn about the history and origins of the urban transformation of Carrer de les Heures in Barcelona and Plaza Real.

Barcelona is a unique city that has been changing along with its unique cultural heritage. The Carrer de les Heures near the Plaza Real is an example of how the passing of the years transforms the spaces of the city together with its population.

In today’s article you will go through the past of the My Way restaurant and discover curiosities that very few inhabitants and tourists know. First of all, it is necessary to know that all the information you will see has been extracted from official bodies of the city such as the Barcelona City Council.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

El origen del carrer de les Heures

carrer de les heures historia
According to the city archives and some websites such as the carrer de les Heures has its origins in the old part of Horta, a rural area where some residences surrounded by vegetation were located.

Did you know that….?

The Catalan word “heura” (ivy) is related to the type of plants that could be found around the area, which was very frequented by the adjoining brothels that were located in the back of the the county city.

Later, in the 17th century, new residential houses were installed and consequently new streets were built that communicated with the city center. In that same century, remodeling work began on the Santa Madrona convent, where the foundations of the future Plaza Real would later be located.

One of these accesses was called “Carrer de les Heures” in honor of the ivy of the residences and in turn communicated with Carrer del Llorer, an area where there were also brothels and taverns.

Convent de Santa Madrona

And later…

With the passing of the years and after the bombings of the tragic week in Barcelona, ​​the area was once again filled with alleys. Taking advantage of the reconstruction, various companies and shops were located around the Plaza Real.

My Way's past

Incredible as it may seem today, there are still vestiges of the city’s past, near the entrance of our lounge restaurant was the first headquarters of the avant-garde in Barcelona. As a reminder, we will show you below a copy of the first printed edition that was published on February 1, 1881.


Furthermore, previously a curious plaque could be found commemorating the days that this space functioned as a workshop and editorial center for La Vanguardia. As well as our restaurant, many other places such as the Herboristería del Rey, which is known as the oldest store in Barcelona.

placa de la Vanguardia carrer de les heures My Way

Do you want to continue traveling to the past? In My Way you can live a different experience, a space where you will travel to the New York of the 50s and enjoy the best cocktails in the Plaza Real while enjoying the deco atmosphere.

See you in the next article!


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