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jornadas enogastronomicas

Hello everyone! In today's article we bring you some new food and wine experiences for all of enology lovers that can be carried out in the facilities of our My Way lounge restaurant. For a while now we have launched a new wine list proposal open for all those who are interested in tasting a variety of quality wines in an environment completely decorated in the New York 50's style.

What are those enogastronomic experiences?

This new gastronomic conception has its roots at the beginning of the 19th century in the hands of french people, as a cultural and experiential sample of the populations of France with wine exports. The main purpose of these gastronomic journeys was, for each population, to present their native products to gastronomy or expert kitchen critics, eager to know the specialties of each region to receive special economic or prestigious distinctions.

Nowadays, this type of activity is booming next to wine tourism, although unlike this consists mainly of a close experience in what we understand as “good food” and “good drink” to know the native flavors of each region without importing experience or knowledge.

With these new enogastronomic experiences we want to invite all of our clients to enjoy the art of wine and learn about its main international import characteristics along with recognized denomination of origin such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedés and etc.

Within our wine carte you can discover a fusion of flavors and essences of different types of wines from all over the territory, in which 3 main types of wine stand out, recognized as: red wines, white and rosé wines.

Do you know what are the differences between them? Don't worry, we'll tell you right now!

Red wines: Those that are made with red grapes during a given ripening period. Due to their color they are also commonly known as "red wines" and are usually combined with meats and cheeses. The most common varieties are fruity, spaced and balsamic.

vino tinto para experiencia enogastronómica restaurante lounge my way

White wines: They are those that are made with white grapes and a more careful fermentation process and with less sugary additives. It is usually combined with fish or seafood and the varieties of our small article about our most common wine and wine experiences are dry, semi-dry, flavored, semi-sweet and sweet wines.

vino blanco para experiencias enogastronómicas en restaurante lounge my way

Rosé wines: They are those that are made with red grapes and white grapes, but only until the wine gets a rosy color with a more delicated care process. Its flavor is usually lighter than the other types, it is the most popular during the summer season. The best known varieties are Garnacha, Tempranillo and Carbenet Sauvignon.

vino rosado para experiencias enogastronómicas

With this little introduction you already know what it takes to start your food and wine experiences on your own. Now you can appreciate and differentiate their distinctive flavor with the naked eye, however when you try them, you should keep in mind that each denomination of origin "has a special flavor" and therefore the taste may vary depending on its region.

Each denomination that we serve in our menu offer endless flavors that you must discover by yourself while you take your drink ... You may be tempted to make comparisons or even have different tastes to the other diners who accompany you, before this situation we can only tell you:

“Savor each wine in your way”

enogastronómia servicio restaurante my way

And with this little recommendation we leave here our little article about our enogastronomic experiences in My Way. Here is a link to our wine menu, we hope you like it!

So far we leave our post for today. We hope that it has been useful to you, and you have learned something new from the delicious art of enology, if you are an expert in the subject we would like you to share your knowledge with us and the other diners.

See you in the next post and we hope to see you all soon!

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