Best Gin cocktails of Barcelona

Discover the best gin cocktails that you can find in My Way Lounge Restaurant menu.
best cocktails barcelona

Gin has become one of the most necessary beverage for cocktail lovers. In fact, it is the third most consumed distillate in Spain.

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Gin's origin

Gin origin

It was created in the 17th century by Lucas Bols in Amsterdam (Holland) as a beverage to cure different affections such as stomach pains, gout, etc. Bols named it “Acqua Imperius”.

It was a drink widely consumed among Dutch army members. So much, that it ended up reaching to England.

During the 18th century, it was used to improve the quinine flavor, a component used to cure malaria. It became so popular in England at the time that it caused a massive alcoholism among the population.

Gin arrived in Spain in the same century with the invasion of Mahón (Balearic Islands) by the British army.


These are the best gin cocktails you will find in our restaurant:

Basil Smash

Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and basil.

An original mojito version made with gin and flavored with basil. The key of a good execution is based on how the herb is crushed so that all its flavor impregnate the drink.

Gin Mule

Gin, ginger beer and lime juice

Gin version of the legendary Moscow Mule. Its origin is in Cock’n’Bull Bar in Los Angeles. Its creator used two drinks that were not very popular at that time, vodka and ginger beer, resulting in a mythical cocktail.


Gin, lemon juice and red fruits

This cocktail was created at the legendary Fred’s Club in the 1980s to pay homage to the London spring. It perfectly combines lemon and gin bitter flavors with berries sweetness.


Tonic and gin.

The unfashioned cocktail, born as a healing drink. Tonic was used to prevent malaria in India. And, the British soldiers, not liking its bitter taste, mixed it with gin. This is how the gin and tonic was born. In our restaurant, you can order it with 10 different gins.

If you love gin, you need to come to My Way Restaurant and taste our cocktails.


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