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Discover the Art deco of My Way restaurant in Plaza real. Live a unique experience in a lounge restaurant inspired by the New York of the 20s.
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Welcome back to our My Way blog! In today’s article we will talk about one of the most important elements of the personality of our lounge & cocktail bar, it’s about Art decó.

If it is the first time you visit us in Barcelona, ​​it is likely that the decoration of the place and each of its paintings will catch your attention. All these elements are inspired by the essence of the cosmopolitan New York of the 50s, a unique style that fits perfectly with the musical lounge theme of great artists of the time such as Frank Sinatra himself.

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What is art deco?

It is an artistic style that arose from the Art Noveau whose birth is located around the year 1910 in Paris. Art Deco was a groundbreaking artistic movement for the time due to the lack of closed models and its ease of adaptation to all kinds of themes and styles. In a way, it was a different art form due to its cult to quality, its incorporation of modern lifestyles, the celebration of the new, youthful sensuality and also of mass consumption.

This form of art became known to the world during the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925, surprising attendees for its heterogeneity and eclecticism. On the one hand, Art Deco was harshly criticized for its groundbreaking and daring character, but on the other hand it also became a mass phenomenon that spread to big cities like New York, Paris, Russia….

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As if it were the latest fashion…

This new art style was quickly embraced by 1920s, 30s and 40s Hollywood as a movement evoking luxury and splendor. Many of the works that can be found in the United States have themes inspired by male athletes, modern women, living nature and rhythmic jazz, an iconography based on the liberation of forms, excesses and glamour. >

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The art of Tamara de Lempicka that you will find in My Way

Tamara de Lempicka

She was one of the most representative artists of Art Deco, in many of her works the “groundbreaking” influence of this style can be perceived with a theme that combines the social influence of the underground and the total luxury of the great classes. She soon became famous among the upper classes as a talented portraitist, especially in nudes.

The artist’s works are characterized by being pioneers of other later styles such as Pop art and Expressionism, artistic manifestations where her influence by the fashion and glamor of the time stand out. The paintings that you will see in the My Way restaurant play with various elements of the artist’s works such as the tones used, the lighting, the shadows, the backgrounds and decorations, the emphasis on the female body and the combination of different styles such as Italian painting from the 15th century and Flemish painting from the 17th.

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You can find all this and much more at My Way, a place where you can travel to the past and experience the cosmopolitan essence of New York in the 1950s with its own lounge touch that reflects all the characteristics of Art Deco.

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