5 Natural Cocktails to enjoy the night in Barcelona

Discover the natural cocktails of My Way! A selection of non-alcoholic cocktails made with refreshing juices and seasonal fruits.
Going out at night in Barcelona is a way to discover the city from many other perspectives. Like its people, Barcelona offers a different character when night falls and that is why it hosts a wide range of leisure activities in the central neighborhoods of El Raval, El Gótico, El Born and La Barceloneta. Various establishments and restaurants such as My Way open their doors to offer special gastronomic evenings to residents and tourists in the area with an elegant, extravagant and international touch. On this occasion our cocktail bar is a good option for all those who seek to try different things in a more natural way without resorting to spirits. That is why we present our selection of 5 natural cocktails to enjoy the night in Barcelona.
San francisco natural cocktail

San Francisco

It is one of the most popular natural cocktails of the 1960s-70s in the United States. It is a recipe made up of a natural mixture of orange, pineapple, peach and grenadine with a unique color reminiscent of the shades of the sun at dawn.


Like the San Francisco, Owen is a summer cocktail made from fruit juices, such as orange and strawberry pulp. Its sweet aroma is an essential component to highlight because it offers a combination of sweet and acid flavors.


The Florida cocktail is one of the cocktails that pays tribute to one of the best-known states in the United States thanks to its characteristic citrus flavor with a fruity touch. This cocktail is one of the most recommended from our drinks menu for lovers of authentic acid flavours.

Virgin Colada

It is the most famous drink in Puerto Rico and a combination of pineapple and coconut with a 100% Caribbean touch. This tropical cocktail is one of the most popular and you will find it in many cocktail bars in Barcelona. Although rum is part of its composition, we offer a more natural variant.

shirley temple cocktail

Shirley Temple

Like many famous Hollywood stars, child actress Shirley Temple named this non-alcoholic cocktail after herself. It is a combined drink that is prepared with a touch of ginger ale and grenadine. In states like California this cocktail is often served to children as a substitute for real cocktails.

So far our selection of 5 natural cocktails from the My Way lounge restaurant menu. In our drinks menu you can find 35 additional spirits with which to savor the night in a movie atmosphere, inspired by the New York of the 50s, and in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We hope you like them!

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